Chef Sunchul Shim, celebrated for earning a Michelin star at both his skewer restaurant, Kochi, and his handroll restaurant, Mari, welcomes you to his latest venture, Mari.ne. The name “Mari” in Korean implies a roll, and “ne” represents “the house of,” crafting an ambiance where guests can savor handrolls with sake, soju, beer and makgeolli in a relaxed environment. 

Mari.ne is a fusion handroll bar where Korean and Japanese cuisines intertwine, offering a unique blend of flavors. The menu is reminiscent of comforting home-cooked meals, presenting an array of handroll sushi, which combines integrity and the wholesome goodness of honest, healthy food.


Reservations available on Resy 

135 West 41st St. New York, NY 10036 

Between Broadway & 6th Ave.  


Monday-Sunday : 11:30am – 9:00pm